It has been a couple of weeks since the Workshop where we discussed what respect looks like to a man.  If you remember, during the workshop we used the acronym CHAIRS:

C – Conquest

H – Hierarchy

A – Authority

I – Insight

R – Relationship

S – Sexuality


Today let’s visit conquest, the importance a man places on his work.

Most men have an innate drive to accomplish something in their life.  We look back at stories of old where Louis and Clark mapped the way west or Daniel Boone conquering the wild frontier.  We love the stories of men and their flying machines or of Henry Ford changing the landscape of work as he formed the first assembly line. Men often find their drive for conquest through their work.  The need to be successful, to move “up the ladder,” or create something that has never before been seen is a normal drive for many men.  Like everything else this can become an idol, but for most men the need to succeed at work is a significant part of their life and their job is often a significant part of their identity.

Today take a moment to text your husband and say thanks for how he provides for and serves your family through his work.  Express appreciation for what he brings to his work whether it is fresh ideas, experienced leadership, or a kind heart.  Validating the importance of his work is one way you can show respect to your husband.

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