S is for Sexuality Part III

Sex is a physical act, no surprise there.  Sex is an emotional act; got it.  What people often fail to realize, however, is that sex is also a spiritual act.  It can be an act of service, an act of love and an act of worship.  Tim Keller, one of the greatest theologians of our time, says it this way:

Sex is glorious. We would know that even if we didn’t have the Bible. Sex leads us to words of adoration— it literally evokes shouts of joy and praise. Through the Bible, we know why this is true. John 17 tells us that from all eternity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have been adoring and glorifying each other, living in high devotion to each other, pouring love and joy into one another’s hearts continually (cf. John 1: 18; 17: 5, 21,24– 25). Sex between a man and a woman points to the love between the Father and the Son (1 Corinthians 11: 3). It is a reflection of the joyous self-giving and pleasure of love within the very life of the triune God. Sex is glorious not only because it reflects the joy of the Trinity but also because it points to the eternal delight of soul that we will have in heaven, in our loving relationships with God and one another. Romans 7: 1ff tells us that the best marriages are pointers to the deep, infinitely fulfilling, and final union we will have with Christ in love. No wonder, as some have said, that sex between a man and a woman can be a sort of embodied out-of-body experience. It’s the most ecstatic, breathtaking, daring, scarcely-to-be-imagined look at the glory that is our future.

Keller, Timothy. The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God (p. vi). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

It is no wonder that God has created the act of sex to be enjoyed only within the context of marriage; within the context of covenant.  It is a physical act that bonds, an emotional act that enthralls, and a spiritual act that enraptures.  It is an act that allows both the man and the woman to be at their most vulnerable, literally naked in each other’s presence, and still feel safe and secure because the commitment they have made to one another is maintained by the God of the Universe.  When we think of sex as a reflection of God’s love for us (His church), it takes on a deeper meaning.  It takes on the image of worship.

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