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S is for Sexuality Part III

Sex is a physical act, no surprise there.  Sex is an emotional act; got it.  What people often fail to realize, however, is that sex is also a spiritual act.  It can be an act of service, an act of love and an act of worship.  Tim Keller, one of the greatest theologians of our […]

S is for Sexuality Part II

Sex is not only a physical exercise but is also an exercise in emotional intimacy. Many wives feel like a man only sees sex as a physical act and does not see it for it’s emotional connection as well.  As time passes between intimacy, he may start to become more grumpy and sullen.  She may […]

S is for Sexuality Part I

C is for Conquest H is for Hierarchy A is for Authority I is for Insight R is for Relationship S is for Sexuality In almost every workshop or study I have attended regarding marriage, sexuality has been discussed.  Usually, it is discussed last and seldom is it given the time required to fully understand a subject of such depth.  I […]

R is for Relationship

C is for Conquest H is for Hierarchy A is for Authority I is for Insight R is for Relationship One of the highest indicators of marital success is whether or not a couple are friends.  When you dated you showed interest in his hobbies, spent time with him in different activities, and in general, […]

I is for Insight

C is for Conquest H is for Hierarchy A is for Authority I is for Insight One of my favorite video’s is “It’s Not About the Nail.”  Watch it and then return to this post. Hilarious and true.  But here is the thing, sometimes it is about the nail.  Sometimes a wife wants a listening […]

H is for Hierarchy

It is important in a Christian marriage to recognize the Hierarchy that God has put into place.  Read just a few scriptures related to marriage and you will see that the man is assigned by God to be the head of the family.  It is important to realize this is not an assessment of value. […]