Affair Proof Your Marriage

I hesitate to provide easy posts on deep topics.  Podcasts like “10 ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage” seem trite when a friend is going through a divorce.  Five ways to make your man happy seems a little shallow when depression, fear and anxiety are overwhelming a marriage.  We live in a complicated world where sin and selfishness press into our marriages unless we actively fight them.

However, I have been listening to the Fierce Marriage Podcast for some time now and have been reading their posts for over a year.   I have been very impressed with this couple.  Ryan and Selena Frederick have a great story, are solidly grounded in Christ, and have an excellent way of communicating the Gospel aspect of your marriage as a Christian couple.  They understand covenant which is more than I understood at their age.  Here is a great podcast on setting up boundaries in your relationship to protect against affairs.  It  goes deeper than just a 5 step program as does their book, Fierce Marriage, released a couple of weeks ago.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, everything I have heard from them has been well thought out, scripturally  based and presented from the view of both men and women.  Enjoy.


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