A friend of mine and I were talking a few weeks back about a friend in crisis.  It was a crisis of faith, a crisis of belief, and the challenge was rocking that person’s world.  Steve, our youth pastor, made a comment that has stuck with me.  “In the middle of a crisis is not a good time to develop your theology.”

Patty and I have remained married for 34 years this last Saturday.  Our marriage has rocked on through a number of challenges and obstacles, some from within our marriage and some from outside of our marriage.  Knowing that God uses these challenges to grow us, and understanding how immature I still am at times, I can only expect that there are more challenges on the way.  However, knowing that God uses challenges for our growth, and knowing that God walks with us through them, strengthen us as we face them together.  Knowing ahead of time helps us face the challenges as they arise.

What is your theology concerning marriage?  What do you really believe that God’s will is concerning your marriage?  Are you thoroughly enough convinced of the truth that it will carry you through the challenges?  My prayer today is that you are working to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

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