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7 Weeks to a Better Marriage Week 3 – The Act of Marriage

The expression of our sexuality is one of the key “acts” we engage in when we marry. Sex allows us to connect in an emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental way like no other act can. It is a powerful drive designed by God to connect and continue to connect two individuals in a marriage in a deep and meaningful way. It is so important that God gave us an entire book of the bible on this topic.

7 Weeks to a Better Marriage Week 1 – Expectations

Are Your Expectations Realistic? I personally love the science behind marriage – communication, sexuality, emotion, and commitment all work together to create a unique and exciting marriage.   As believers, we also need a strong understanding about what scripture has to say about the covenant marriage. Many times problems surface in a marriage because we […]

Congratulations To Melanie and Tucker Moore

  Melanie and Tucker Moore had a great wedding. The venue was nice and I loved the option of an evening wedding so everyone was not sweating in the sweltering heat of Texas in June. One of my favorite pastors officiated and Russ was authentic, humorous and wise.   The ceremony was short and sweet and we […]

The Death of The Dream

The death of the dream happens to every couple. None of us gets our dream in the way that we dreamt it, because none of us is writing our own story. God, in his love, writes a better story than we could ever write for ourselves.