Three Strands Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to our ministry.  Need to talk to someone who has blended a family, we have that couple.  Need to visit with someone who has been deployed overseas, we have that couple too.  With over two centuries of marriage experience we can find someone to help regardless of your situation.

Established by mariage in 1984,  Michael and Patty Curtis were best friends in High School and began dating when Patty moved away to college.  Michael is a Trainer for Family and Protective Services and is actively involved in numerous ministries in the church including Band of Brothers and Sunday School.  Patty is a Project Manager for a local engineering firm and is active in ministries including Sunday School and  Women’s Ministry. Michael and Patty would say the key to a great marriage is working on your vertical relationship before working on your horizontal ones (God and then others, including your spouse).

Established by marriage in 1986 Reb and Tammy Bowers were high school sweethearts. Reb played college baseball for OU, is a published author, an avid hunter and works for the Social Security Administration.  Tammy is a housewife who is actively involved in the women’s ministry and enjoys reading, making and listening to music, and crafts.

Reb and Tammy say the secret to their marriage is…”there is no secret”..TEAMWORK with each other with Jesus in charge!

Kimmy and Bubba Watkins were established by marriage in 1991.  Kimmy is a Media Technology Specialist at a local public school and Bubba operates a tree service.  Kimmy and Bubba have two amazing daughters, enjoy the great outdoors and are actively involved in numerous ministries in the church.  Kimmy and Bubba would say the secret to an amazing marriage is putting God first and allowing him to meet your needs, communication, lots of tender loving care, flexibility, compromise, patience and serving each other.

Dan and Karen met at Colonial Hills and married in 1996.  As a blended family they have 6 children,  13 grandchildren with 2 hybrids. Dan is in his 40th year in the coal industry and Karen works in the financial industry.

Dan and Karen say the key to a successful marriage is looking to God to meet their needs instead of one another  and letting the life of Christ within them express Himself towards one another.

John and Nancy were married in 2003. John works for the family business and Nancy is a substitute teacher. They have three awesome kids, love the outdoors, and are actively involved in several ministries inside and outside the church including Upwards and Scouting.

John and Nancy say the key to an awesome marriage is communication.