The Kiss

Once you understand the purpose and power behind marriage, it is valuable to understand the differences between how men and women communicate.  After 38 years of marriage, I am still amazed at how many words Patty uses on an average day.  It is estimated that the average woman uses 15,000 words in a day. In contrast, a man is lucky if he uses 5,000.

The Purpose of Marriage

I recently heard a podcast from our friends at Fierce Marriage concerning scripture and marriage which motivated me to think a little deeper about what scripture says about a believer's marriage.   I personally love the science behind marriage; communication, sexuality, emotion, etc.   However, as believers, we need a strong understanding of what scripture has to say about covenant marriage.

Is Yeti Poop the Secret To a Long Lasting Marriage

"We realized that those couples who committed to a weekend at one of our Beaver's Bend State Park marriage enrichment events had lower separation and divorce rates than the national average.  In fact, of those who were able to find Yeti Poop during the Saturday afternoon treasure hunt, we can't remember any who are not still married."
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Fighting The Four Horsemen

Ephesians 4:32 is not what we would consider a "marriage" scripture.  It is a call for all brothers and sisters in Christ to treat each other as God has treated them.  If you have an accurate understanding of how much God loves you, is kind to you, is tenderhearted towards you, and how much God has forgiven you, you are much more likely to treat your spouse in the same way.
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The Goodness of Marriage

We often spend time talking about the challenges of marriage. Of course, we should prepare for these challenges, but sometimes we may spend so much time preparing for the bad that we forget to celebrate the overall goodness of marriage.…