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Redeeming the Time

Many of our ministries, and some of our work, has come to a grinding halt. We are living in an age where we have been thrown into telework, are living on less work hours in a workweek, or have been laid off all-together. In addition, the children are home, the daily structures that have helped […]

Show Me The Money

Money Magazine reports that 70% of couple fight about money. This means that money is the number one source of tension in a marriage ahead of fighting over how to raise children and how often to have sex. Of course, money is not the real issue. Often these fights are more about who makes the […]

7 Weeks to a Better Marriage Week 4D – Fighting the Good Fight

As we have discussed before, fighting often leads to flooding. As emotions increase we enter the “fight, flight or freeze” response. Blood flows from our brain to our extremities, blood pressure increases, heart rate increases and our ability to reason decreases. If not dealt with, flooding can result in lashing out in anger or engaging in defensiveness and stonewalling.