I love my wife; deeply, sincerely, and passionately.

What’s more, I like Patty.  She is smart, inquisitive, intelligent, empathetic, and loving. She has an amazing heart and is giving beyond belief.

Patty likes me too, most of the time.  I can be grumpy, isolative, and opinionated at times.  However, I have hopefully learned to navigate the road of sacrificial love.  She recently told me she not only loves me but desires me.  I can live with that.

Don’t get me wrong, she drives me stark-raving mad at times.  When the brake lights brighten on the car 1/4 mile down the road, she will often simulate a heart attack, gasp, and react as if a seventeen-car pileup is imminent.  She points out my speed, acceleration rate, distance to the next vehicle, and road conditions.  She is the Goose to my Maverick, the perfect “little helper.”  *

(I love the “Little Helper” bit from Tim Hawkins.  It may be a little over the top, but Patty and I laugh about it because it may be true for some of us. It seems to be a challenge common to man.)

How can both be true?  How can we love, respect, value, and desire one another and at the same time drive each other crazy?  The answer is simple.  Almost 40 years ago we committed to do so, and God gave us everything we need to keep that commitment to Him and each other.  It helps, however, to periodically be reminded of this truth.

If you have been to one of our events we will be sending out a monthly “Marriage Booster” to help you follow up with what you learned.  Possibly we will share a few ways to show respect to your man.  Maybe we will remind you of who you are in Christ and how that influences your marriage.  We may even keep you up-to-date on future events.  Maybe we will simply send you a link to a Tim Hawkins video.  Just a little reminder to focus on what is important and have a little fun along the way.

This month check out how 21 seconds a day can add connection and passion to a marriage.  Check out the article on the 7-second kiss.  Additionally, spend some time meditating on what being “filled with the Spirit” means and how it changes the way you power your marriage.  Finally, if you are in the Tyler area, join us for the Valentine’s Barn Dance at Colonial Hills in February, there is limited seating available so register soon.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events.  Please feel free to reach out to us if we can be of service at threestrandsmin@gmail.com.

Michael and Patty


* To be fair to Patty, I think she has been working on driving input.  Now, when I pull out of the driveway she starts playing a game on her phone so she does not have to marvel at my driving skills.  I am pretty sure I hear a prayer for safety said quietly when I get on the highway. (-:

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